Tax and Estate Planning

Tax and Estate Planning 2017-09-15T11:17:03-04:00

No matter your net worth, it is essential to have a basic estate plan.

Estate planning helps you keep your wealth in your family and minimize the taxes you pay to the government. There are many obstacles in preserving your wealth, such as capital gains taxes, registered plans and tax liabilities, estate taxes, probate fees and estate costs

A typical estate plan includes a will or other elements, such as power of attorney, living will, trust. Everyone needs a will. A will tells how you want to distribute your assets after you die. Without a will, typically the court decides who gets your assets, whether or not it is against your wishes.

After the plan is in place, the next step you may want to consider is to discuss your plan with your heirs. Being clear of your intentions may prevent disputes in the future.

But you don’t need to do these alone; we are here to provide expert advice and network. Don’t hesitate to ask, call us for free consultation.

Income tax planning makes a significant difference in the tax you pay. By tax planning with a tax professional, you will find opportunities to minimize your tax bill. We offer income tax planning in the following ways:

  • Personal income tax filing
  • First year tax filling
  • Foreign income/assets filing
  • Personal income tax consulting
  • Tax benefit application
  • Corporate tax filling and consulting

We can also provide consulting service on income tax treatment for your investments. High income earners or individuals with large assets may want to consider tax treatment for any investments before making the decision; we can help you with that.